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Reliable Boarding

Reliable Boarding

Your canine friends are going to love their overnight stay at Classy Canine Country Club. Please make sure your dogs are at least 5 months old & have been vaccinated before leaving them at our facility.

Daycare Services

Daycare Services

We welcome all breeds in daycare. Must be at least 5 months old. Our goal is to keep your dog happy & healthy. See the daycare page for daily rates & packages. Please Call our local, family-owned business if we can be of further help.

Effective Training

Effective Training

Does your dog lack confidence? Too dominant? Count on Classy Canine Country Club to rectify their behavior. Contact us or request a call back if you want to ask us about our behavior management services.

Satisfied Customer Reviews

Connie and her staff KNOW doggies! They are able to keep the pups safe while allowing them to have fun. I am always in awe at all they do! Plus they have coats for the angels when it gets cold :-)

Sue L

This is a really down to earth dog facility, no fuss. I really appreciate that when I ask about how my dog did for the day, they can actually tell me how it went! They're dog people through and through who really love animals.


Connie and Classy Canine are great! My fur baby LOVES it there and comes home SO played out. The people at CCCC know dogs, watch behaviour of dogs, and are so in tune with how my dog acts and reacts. My girl has gained SO much confidence since going to Classy Canine, and she is a completely different dog...for the better. Thank you thank you, Connie and Classy Canine!

Vanessa L

Connie is wonderful and her employee Amber is very sweet & helpful as well - Moon loved her stay with you guys & will be back again soon! Thanks for having her in the pack, our pup definitely ran fast and played hard! Highly recommend this business, they cared for my fur baby so well and showed her a great time :)

Kasi A

Our ten year old (11 pound) dog loves getting to visit Connie. Trooper is a finicky dog (sometimes we think he was a cat in a previous life).... Connie refers to him as “Super-Trooper” and we appreciate Connie for the care she gives to our sweet, four legged family member.

Laura K

This is a follow up review. You'll find a previous one from me 12/4/2018. I'm still bringing my Dobie 4 or 5 days/week for daycare. Connie is the only one who can shorten my Dobie's nails. AND, my Dobie gives her kisses while she does it! I have a happy happy happy Dobie because of Classy Canine Country Club. This has been a 4 year run for us.. and I see no end in Sight! Still HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended!

Susan L

Just started taking my Puppy here and he comes back exhausted and happy. Connie has been very easy to talk with and all my expectations of a "doggy daycare" have been met. I was never looking for any thing fancy, just a happy exhausted dog, and We are getting that and a lot more. The puppy has been wonderful . Thank you Connie and Team!


I called in an emergency situation desperate for help and spoke to Connie. She spent quite a bit of time speaking with me about the problem and helped me brainstorm solutions. Keep in mind, this problem had nothing to do with her or her business and yet she was incredibly generous and willing to go above and beyond on behalf of the dog that was in need. She also sounded to be very knowledgeable. Thankfully we didn't end up needing her services but due to the experience that I did have I will be recommending Classy Canine to all of my dog owning friends and clients. Truly above and beyond. Thank you again for your help and kindness, Elyse

elyse p

Thank you Connie for your advice and help, we found Classy Canine while looking for a place to socialize our girl Ash. Connie is very knowledgeable and passionate about the different breeds and thier behaviors. Very grateful she's allowing Ash to join the pack. ❤️ Thanks Connie

Jean B

My dog and I both love the place. My French bulldog only goes 2 times a week but would go everyday if she could. The second she wakes up she starts getting me ready so I will take her. Hours are great and prices even better. Daily or nightly rates are very affordable. We love the employees and just the whole experience.

Tisha Mc L

A great place! My dog was worn out and slept all night when she got home, and it's a very reasonable price

Maria G

Easy to work with and good with my dog.

Pandora S

Connie is amazing! Very reasonably daycare and boarding rates.

Heather H

Connie and her team are the best dog caretakers around, period. When we adopted a new dog who hadn't been well-socialized to other dogs or people, Connie helped introduce her slowly to the daycare playgroup, where she quickly became a whole different dog. She's now excited to meet other dogs, does well at dog parks and on leash, and does a great job taking her cues from us when she's allowed to approach another dog. Connie truly took her from a loving but timid pet to an important member of our family, and I've seen her do the same with so many other dogs that come through. Every day as owners arrive to pick up from daycare, you will hear Connie discussing individual progress reports and it's clear that she gets to know each dog, each owners concerns, and actively works to help address behaviors the owners are concerned about during the day. Daycare playgroup wears our pup out in the best way, and we know that when she comes home tired and a little muddy it's a sign of a day well spent. We board overnight with Connie occasionally as well, and it says a lot that we don't get the "stink eye" from our pup when we pick her up--she loves her overnights at Classy Canine! CCCC is a great option for daycare that will exhaust your dog and help them become a better citizen in the dog and people worlds!

Noah Mc C

They love your dogs when you are gone.

Conor J

They will let you do whatever you want with your drink and mixtures, man it's beautiful.

Jaden S

Our pup has been coming here for daycare for over 1.5 years now and loves it! he is always excited to go and when I pick him up he is tired and happy! the owner and her team take great care of all the dogs. Photo of our smiling pup just after being picked up from a day of daycare fun!

Kendall F

My two dogs love Going.

Jana M

Connie and her staff are great with my Fenris and all his high energy. He loves going there so much he starts getting overly excited as soon as we get off the freeway. Her prices are reasonable and she is great with last minute requests . Highly recommend

Ashlie Rose M

Great facility and a wonderful owner who really cares about the canines!

Annette T

My dog loves going to play with his friends here! Wonderful people work there. They truly care about your pets.

Becca H

I've been taking my Doberman to Connie for over a year and a half for daycare and I could not be more pleased!! Connie knew exactly how to handle my baby and I am loving the vast improvement in my dog's behavior! Additionally, I recently had need to board all three of my pets (two dogs, one cat) and Connie and her staff took such GREAT care of them! My dogs were clean and I think my cat smells better than when I dropped him off! Connie seems to have an intuitive edge in dealing with animals. She is forever impressing me with her thoughts, initiatives and passion. As if this weren't enough, she has great prices!! Five stars!!

Susan L

Just celebrating my one year of weekly playdates and occasional boarding here. I guess the ultimate indication of the quality of this facility is your dog. How hard she pulls to get to the front door everyday, and the fact that my girl barks her happy-hello bark "every time" we pull into the parking lot. I rescued my buddy a year ago, and she wasn't very well socialized, and was not easy around other dogs, or people. She (and myself) would not be where she is today, without the efforts and encouragement from the owner and her staff. If you worry about a little play dirt at the end of the day, have your brush handy when you get home, or to the car. I recommend this facility to just about everyone I meet with a dog who needs great daily companionship, or safe warm boarding!

Chris Mc C

I am the founder of Pibble and All Paws Rescue in Lacey Wa. Over the past 3 years we had the outmost pleasure to be working with Classy K9. Unfortunately sometimes rescue pups do not fit into their foster families or need more socialization. Connie and her incredible staff was always ready to help on short notice sometimes. Our rescue is very picky on where we place pups even in emergency situations. Miss Kaiser, owner , runs an absolutely amazingly clean and comforting kennel. The staff is highly knowledgeable, dedicated and compassionate. Just like the owner. Our last experience was with our girl Salsa. Rescue from California, stressed and very sick due to that. After recovery in a local foster home salsa went to daycare. Omg what a difference Miss Tabitha made in Salsas life! Tabitha was patient and her love to dogs helped salsa to gain confidence and be adopted 😊. Classy K9 is an amazing place with an amazing owner and staff! #1 on our recommendation list!

karin r

Our dog has been going to Classy Canine for a couple of years now and I am so glad we found this place! He absolutely loves it there. We use the daycare services from time to time and it’s also our first choice for boarding him when we are out of town. Connie is wonderful and was so accommodating to us recently when we had to bring our dog in while I was giving birth to our son. So grateful to have somewhere that gives us peace of mind; knowing our pup is happy and well taken care of!

Kara E

This is my fur baby’s happy place. He loves coming here and I would highly recommend if you want to socialize and give your dog play time this is the place to be.

Shar H

Very good

Margarett T

My dog loves this place and is a must try

James F

Good choice at budget prices with friendly staff, would use again.

Eli J

My hyperactive dog loves coming here! The owner Connie and her wonderful crew are great with dogs. Bonus there is an added security fence just incase your dog is a climber.

Joni P

Professional Care, Fun Environment For Your Pets.

Professional Care, Fun Environment For Your Pets.

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